The Straits Times
Published on Jan 15, 2013

Fabricated rape claims exact heavy toll on men


I AGREE with last Tuesday's commentary ("Saying 'no' to seemingly harmless sexist views") that we need to challenge sexist attitudes towards women and say "no" to violence against them.

But the commentary presents only a one-sided view and fails to highlight the fact that some women fabricate rape claims.

The commentary said the number of reported rapes in Singapore rose from 118 in 2006 to 202 in 2009.

My question is: How many of these were actually fabricated claims?

There are some women who agree to have consensual sex with their boyfriends or other men.

But after the act, they feel "guilty", or the relationship turns sour, and these women turn around and accuse the men of rape.

These fabricated accusations can cause great distress and public humiliation to the men.

The authorities need to listen to both sides of the story before determining if rape claims should be further investigated.

Yang Jiwei