The Straits Times
Published on Jan 09, 2013

Pakistan arrests five alleged Taleban over polio killings: Police


KARACHI (AFP) - Pakistani police said they arrested five alleged Taleban suspects on Wednesday on suspicion of killing women polio vaccinators and plotting to attack Karachi airport.

"We have arrested five men from Ittehad Town in Karachi's west today who were involved in killing four out of five female health workers in Karachi last month," senior police official Ghulam Shabbir Shaikh told reporters.

Gunmen in Pakistan last month killed nine health workers carrying out polio vaccinations, five of them in Karachi in attacks that prompted UN agencies to suspend work on a nationwide inoculation campaign.

"They belong to Tehreek-e-Taleban Pakistan (TTP) and were planning to hit Karachi airport and other high-profile establishments to create panic and chaos," he added, referring to the country's umbrella Taleban organisation.