The Straits Times
Published on Jan 09, 2013

In Hong Kong, people don't carry knives in public to kill others, says gangster flick star


In Mongkok district in Hong Kong, there are many youths who look like triad members, says actor Oscar Leung, who stars as one in the new gangster flick, Young And Dangerous: Reloaded.

He does not know if those Mongkok youths are actually in triads but he believes films such as his do not influence the behaviour of the young.

"After all, you don't see people jumping from the 30th storey after watching scenes like that in foreign films."

He adds that the film, an update of the 1996 hit Young And Dangerous starring Ekin Cheng and Jordan Chan, is not really Hong Kong, for "it's impossible to see a group of people to carry knives and kill someone".