The Straits Times
Published on Jan 09, 2013

Outdated hardware provided with broadband package


I HAVE been a StarHub broadband subscriber since 2007. When I first applied for a 30Mbps wireless broadband package, StarHub provided me with a Linksys router and a Motorola modem as part of the package.

I re-contracted in April 2011. Over the past two years, I have repeatedly reported to StarHub that my Internet connection is unstable, but every StarHub technician I spoke to assured me that everything was working fine at their end.

The problem persisted even after I got a new computer.

Last week, a StarHub technician told me that the router was already an end-of-life product when I first got it and that, having been in use for five years, an intermittent signal loss was to be expected. I was also told that the maximum bandwidth the router could support was 30Mbps, which meant that my average bandwidth over the years has been less than what I have been paying for.

When I asked StarHub about this, it said it had simply provided the router and that it was up to me to get a new one if the router was not meeting my needs.

The authorities should do something about service providers selling packages with free hardware that can hardly support the bandwidth the customer is paying for, and then abdicating responsibility when we report issues.

Simone Vaz (Ms)