The Straits Times
Published on Jan 09, 2013

Place recycling bins at all shopping malls


THE December period has always been a season of celebration, a time when crowds descend on shopping malls to purchase gifts for friends and family. However, this also means the discarding of more used packaging and containers.

I have visited several shopping malls. However, the thing I had hoped to see in such malls was starkly missing - recycling bins.

Currently, the bulk of recycling is done at home, where recycling bags are distributed and collected fortnightly from residences. This effort has been effective and is commendable.

What would be ideal is if more shopping malls take the cue from eco-friendly malls such as City Square Mall, where recycling bins are placed at convenient locations to encourage people to recycle things rather than dump them.

These recycling bins could replace some of the existing trash bins so that recycling becomes more convenient.

Ho Leon Yoon