The Straits Times
Published on Jan 08, 2013

Willing to wait - and wait - for Miss Right


THOUGH I am heartened by sociologist Paulin Straughan's heartfelt plea for Singaporeans to not ignore their biological clocks, the Government has to take a backseat when it comes to issues regarding the compatibility of my life partner ("'Worrying' ignorance of ticking biological clock"; last Friday).

I am willing to wait till age 35 for Miss Right to come along, even if my fertility level would have gone down by then. I am willing to bear the social consequences of my decision to marry late.

One cannot shorten the time taken to get married just because of declining fertility levels.

Perhaps future studies on couples who tie the knot at a later age could draw out the positives in such marriages.

If Singapore wants to be inclusive, we cannot discriminate against couples who decide to start their families in their late 30s.

Jeremy Cheong