The Straits Times
Published on Jan 08, 2013

My Point


Lower maid levy to boost births

I READ with interest the recent National Population and Talent Division survey, which found that the lack of childcare arrangements was one reason why couples are not having more children ("Top 2 carrots: Maternity leave and baby bonus"; last Friday).

If I have a second child, my ageing parents would not be able to cope with looking after them, and I would need to hire a maid, but the levy is too high.

Can the Government lower the maid levy for couples with two or more children, to encourage more births? It is only when couples are assured that their children can be well taken care of, with affordable childcare being available, that they will consider having more babies.

William Chen

Have sloping ATM screens

I AGREE with Mr Simon Ng ("Big ATM screens reveal too much"; last Tuesday) and Mr Harry Leong ("Seniors appreciate big-screen ATMs"; last Wednesday).

DBS Bank could adjust the bigger ATM screens, perhaps placing them at a horizontal or sloping position, so that users' data would be less visible to those in the queue.

The sloping position would also allow for more comfortable viewing, as users would not need to strain their eyes.

Lim Fah Kiong

Poorly designed, leaky bus stops

ON THREE occasions within the last week, when I was at bus stops during rainy weather, the shelters all exhibited a certain degree of water leakage through the roofs.

Two of them are of recent design and appear new. The third has been leaking since October 2011, with water often seeping through lighting and electrical fixtures. The water leakage at this shelter has persisted despite my corresponding with the Land Transport Authority for more than a year on the issue.

It is surprising that given our tropical weather, our bus shelters are so poorly designed and constructed such that they cannot keep out the rain. The matter is made worse by the lack of gutters on the roof, leading to rain splashing on commuters as water cascades off the side of the shelters.

Ang Chee Chien