The Straits Times
Published on Jan 08, 2013

Teach kids about kindness to animals


THE recent case of dismembered kittens in Chong Pang ("Dismembered kittens dumped in HDB corridor"; last Wednesday) has shocked me to the core.

Much has been spoken about the plight of the weak and vulnerable in our society. It is time that animals are recognised as belonging to this group.

Animals have the right to live in harmony with humans. But because they can't speak, their sufferings often go unnoticed.

Cases of animal cruelty and abandonment are on the rise. It is time for our nation to resolve to make animal cruelty history.

The Government can send out a stronger signal that it will not tolerate animal cruelty. Ultimately, it is up to every citizen to do his part.

Perhaps kindness to animals can be inculcated as part of the education curriculum, and more can be done to support the work of animal welfare organisations.

This is a test of our moral character and "heart" as a nation. Let us not be found wanting.

Winston Chin