The Straits Times
Published on Jan 07, 2013

Act in concert to show youth that violence does not pay


I WAS deeply saddened to learn that there was another attack on a young man at a popular spot where young people frequently congregate ("Duo arrested for attack at Orchard mall"; last Monday).

The 23-year-old is still fighting for his life.

Second Minister for Home Affairs, Mr S. Iswaran, has said that the Government is concerned about crime rates involving youth, and that the Government, community and family are essential in the support system to tackle the worrying trend.

I suggest that the authorities select the stories of some convicted youths and feature them in the newspapers, highlighting the punishment meted out by our courts.

These stories should then be prominently displayed at spots popular with young people, such as major shopping centres, resorts and tourist attractions, to remind them of the consequences of engaging in crime and violence.

I further suggest that the authorities work closely with all cineplex operators and screen the convicted youths' stories and the sentences they were given before a movie is shown.

All stakeholders must act in concert if we are serious about bucking this unacceptable trend that has been steadily rising in Singapore.

Rajasegaran Ramasamy