The Straits Times
Published on Jan 07, 2013

Senior's long wait for appointment: SGH replies


WE ARE sorry about the anxiety caused to Ms Margaret Chong and her father ("14-month wait needed before elderly father can be diagnosed"; Dec 29) by the long waiting time for an appointment to see our geriatric medicine specialist and psychologist.

Our clinic has seen an increase in patient load.

To meet the needs of an ageing population, we have added more clinic sessions and are recruiting and training more geriatricians and psychologists.

Appointments are prioritised based on the severity of patients' medical condition.

Those requiring urgent attention will be seen as soon as possible.

For patients in a stable condition, the average waiting time for a follow-up can be longer if there is an increase in new or urgent cases.

Our patients' safety and well-being are a priority, and we are committed to implementing measures to improve the waiting time and overall experience for our patients.

We seek Ms Chong's and her father's understanding.

Kaysar Mamun (Dr)

Head, Department of Geriatric Medicine

Singapore General Hospital