The Straits Times
Published on Jan 07, 2013

Firms should wake up to benefits of being in S'pore


I AGREE with Mr Gilbert Goh ("Pay fair wages to draw locals to foreigner-dominated sectors"; last Friday).

Some security guards, for instance, are paid $5 to $6 an hour and made to work 12-hour shifts with only one day off weekly.

They are also mostly engaged by security agencies, which do not offer much in the way of employee benefits compared to other companies.

It is difficult for workers to take on a job that offers unattractive pay and benefits, and leaves them without adequate time for their families.

Companies should not threaten to relocate elsewhere if their demands for cheap foreign labour are not met, as Singapore offers them safety, security and stability - factors which are crucial to running a business smoothly and profitably.

Syed Abdul Muneef Syed Muhammad