The Straits Times
Published on Jan 07, 2013

Are large-sized ECs built at expense of smaller units?


ANY property development built with government subsidies must be regulated in size.

No developer tendering such projects from the Government should be given a free hand in building exceedingly large housing units, such as the recent executive condominium penthouse in Tampines, which attracted much outcry.

Allowing such developments would be tantamount to creating a loophole, where an applicant could buy an equivalent of four units of normal-sized, four- or five-room units at one go, circumventing the current rule, which allows only one unit per applicant.

If this practice is allowed to continue, it would eventually result in fewer regular-sized units for sale and, thus, lengthen the queue for flats.

Those who want bigger units should go for private properties, where no government subsidies are involved.

Koh Geok Beng