The Straits Times
Published on Jan 07, 2013

No dispute settlement for eBay users who pay via local banks


MOST items posted on eBay Singapore are sold by locals who have a POSB or local bank account.

These sellers usually request buyers to make payment by transferring the money to their bank accounts.

Many buyers are not aware that this payment method is not recognised by eBay Singapore as a legal transaction, and that they do not have legal protection against the seller, even if they can produce a receipt of payment.

eBay Singapore will not handle any disputes that arise as it claims it has no record of the transaction because the payment is not made via PayPal. eBay Singapore and PayPal will protect buyers only if the payment is made through PayPal.

The Consumers Association of Singapore should inform eBay Singapore to make it clear on its auction site that it will not be responsible in any dispute involving purchases that are not paid for via PayPal.

Recently, I did not receive a pair of pants I bought on eBay Singapore. When I complained to eBay about this, I found out that it would not settle the dispute as payment was not made via PayPal.

eBay users in Singapore should get more protection.

Frankie Chng