The Straits Times
Published on Jan 05, 2013

Parents, your child is ready for pre-school. Are you?


Many parents with children entering pre-school prepare the little ones for the routines of school - not to mention the experience of being away from familiar faces - through positive talk. This is the correct thing to do, say experts.

Ms Josephyne Ho, 42, senior pre-school director from Etonhouse's Mountbatten 764 campus, says: "Talking positively about new things that can be expected will get children ready. But don't tell children that the teachers will scold them - it creates a scary impression for children."

Another thing parents have to bear in mind is this: It is not just their children who have to adapt to a new stage of life; the adults must also learn to let go.

Ms Ho says frankly: "We ask first-time parents if they are ready, instead of asking if their child is ready. The child's response to pre-school is always a mirror of their parents' feelings - if the parents are okay, their children will be okay."