The Straits Times
Published on Jan 04, 2013

Acting is a holiday job for me: Ex-actress Jazreel Low


Former model-turned-actress Jazreel Low, 46, is not returning to the scene beyond her supporting role in the new movie Taxi! Taxi!, which she took part in because she identifies with its uplifting message

She says: "Producers have offered me roles, but nothing really interested me. Taxi! Taxi! is the first movie script that made me actually go beyond just reading it. I even called up the director to meet him in person to talk more about the movie, and I'd never done that before."

Directed by Kelvin Sng, the film is about a science professor (played by Gurmit Singh) who starts driving taxis after losing his laboratory job and what he learns from another cabbie, a rowdy Ah Beng character (Mark Lee).

Low, who plays the professor's wife, says: "The story is all about how people learn to adapt to changes. There are some points in everyone's life where you face challenges. I like how the story is about trying to move on and finding success in a different direction." She has had to do the same.