The Straits Times
Published on Jan 02, 2013

Although restless, Dr Jia Jia was obedient on the set of his debut movie


Dr Jia Jia is seven years old and already a true professional while filming his debut movie Taxi! Taxi!.

The local YouTube sensation, whose real name is Chua Jin Sen, is known for the comic Singlish skits that he performs with his older brother.

His housewife mother Mrs Caren Chua, 32, who accompanied her younger son throughout the film shoot, says that there was only one day when he got "frustrated". She tells Life!: "There is a very short scene in the movie where he is at the airport, but the director wanted to film it from many angles, so there were many takes.

"Jia Jia did not get why he had to re-do the scenes so many times. He thought it was all his fault and started getting very frustrated, even though I could tell that he was really trying as hard as he could. It was very painful for a mother to watch."