The Straits Times
Published on Jan 02, 2013

Extend use of Medisave


I AGREE with Mr Daniel Chan ("Allow Medisave use for preventive health checks"; yesterday) and Ms Lim Mui Lian ("Do more for seniors' health insurance needs"; yesterday). Medisave is one's savings for medical use and Singaporeans should be able to tap it to keep themselves healthy.

There are three areas in which the Government could consider extending Medisave use:

First, medical check-ups. My father, who died from a stroke in 2005, never had a proper comprehensive medical check-up, which would have cost more than $1,500. The Government should allow Singaporeans to tap their Medisave for medical check-ups - annual ones for the elderly, and biennial for those of other ages.

Second, women of all ages should also be allowed to claim the cost of cervical cancer vaccination from Medisave. Currently, only women up to 26 years of age can make claims for this.

Third, dental procedures, such as root canal treatments and dentures, are expensive but important procedures that are not claimable from Medisave. Because of this, many choose to extract the tooth or make do with old dentures. This is not ideal as teeth are needed to ensure one has sufficient nutrients.

Given the ageing population and lack of hospital beds here, I hope the Government can consider these suggestions.

Teo Ping Ping (Ms)