The Straits Times
Published on Jan 02, 2013

Table tennis star has contributed enough


TABLE tennis star Li Jiawei has brought great honour to Singapore as a world-class athlete ("Li Jiawei's departure a loss to Singapore" by Mr Christopher Chong; yesterday).

She has lived the better part of her life in and for Singapore, and is retiring as an ageing sportsman, having suffered injuries. She deserves every cent she has earned from her contributions to table tennis and the nation.

Few born and bred Singaporeans will be able to accomplish what Li has done. It would be unfair to doubt her intention to return to Singapore and help out in the sports. As a common citizen, she has a right to choose how and where she wishes to spend her life with her family on her retirement from sports.

I wish her the best in all her future endeavours and thank her for the honour she has brought Singapore.

Lawrence Goh