The Straits Times
Published on Jan 01, 2013

11 years later, Mark Lee and Gurmit Singh still get along fabulously


New local movie Taxi! Taxi! is the first project in more than a decade that comedian-actors Gurmit Singh and Mark Lee have worked on together, but you would never guess it from their easy chemistry.

During their joint interview with Life! for the comedy, which opens on Thursday, the two bantered often and delivered jibes at each other. They were last seen together on another comedy, the football-themed One Leg Kicking, 11 years ago.

Lee, 44, says of working with Singh, 47: "As soon as we were on the set together agian, we were reminiscing often and saying things like, 'Hey, remember on One Leg Kicking, we did this' and 'Remember that one guy did this...'. It is really very easy and enjoyable to work with Gurmit. After all these years, I think we're still quite childish, telling stupid jokes between us."

Singh says that one major reason why the two have taken so long to work together again is the lack of suitable scripts.