The Straits Times
Published on Dec 31, 2012

$90m worth of U-Save rebates to be handed out in January


About 800,000 Singaporean HDB households can expect to receive $90m worth of GST Voucher - Utilities-Save (U-Save) rebates in January.

The GST Voucher - U-Save is a household benefit under the permanent GST Voucher scheme. It was introduced in Budget 2012.

An eligible Singaporean household can receive one GST Voucher - U-Save of up to $130 in January, depending on their HDB flat type. There is no sign-up required for the rebates, and utilities charges of households will be offset directly.

The GST Voucher - U-Save is paid out in January and July each year. Those living in 1- to 2-room HDB flats can offset about three to four months of utilities bills on average with their yearly GST Voucher -U-Save. Those living in 3- to 4-room HDB flats can offset up to two months of utilities bills on average.

Taking into account the other components of the GST Voucher, which include the GST Voucher - Cash and Medisave, Singaporean lower-income and retiree households would have received a significant offset for their GST expenses this year. Middle-income families would also have received a GST Voucher that will partially offset their GST expenses.

For more information on the GST Voucher - U-Save rebates, the public can call SP Services at 6671 7117, or email More information on the GST Voucher can also be found at