The Straits Times
Published on Dec 29, 2012

Tim Palace good for grand banquets and intimate family meals


Tim Palace in the newly-rebuilt Safra Toa Payoh building is designed for banquets, boasting a huge dining room with a high ceiling from which hang rows of chandeliers. But it is not ignoring the heartland family clientele from its neighbouring HDB blocks either.

Its menu offers both expensive live seafood dishes as well as simpler family-style dishes. And it is the more homey dishes that make more of an impression.

An unusual dish has a whole chicken wrapped in cabbage and simmered in soup with ginseng and wolfberries. The soup is thick with collagen and the chicken is delicious.

Another dish that leaves a wonderful impression is the deep-fried prawn balls with crispy almond seeds and pumpkin cream sauce. The pumpkin sauce is spiked with curry leaves and bits of chilli padi, creating a rainbow of flavours to titillate the palate.