The Straits Times
Published on Dec 29, 2012

Singaporean cuisine travels the world


Fancy some kaya toast in New York, or sambal scallops in Copenhagen? Or perhaps you would prefer prata in Perth, accompanied by some piping hot teh tarik?

Singapore food is making inroads into every corner of the globe, spearheaded by home-grown restaurateurs who are dishing out authentic fare, confident in its quality and taste. Among them is Mr Lawrence Reutens, 41, chef and owner of Masak in New York, which opened in September last year. Asked if Masak's menu has been tweaked to accommodate a Western palate, the Singaporean declares that such a move would be "condescending".

He notes: "So many of our Western diners have been to Singapore or South-east Asia and even if they haven't, they are extremely knowledgeable and have amazing palates."

Over in Copenhagen, Peranakan restaurant Nam Nam has been making waves. It is opened by a Danish-Singaporean couple, Mr Michael Larsen, 60, and his Singaporean wife Tin Pang-Larsen, 61, in collaboration with Danish celebrity chef Claus Meyer.