The Straits Times
Published on Dec 26, 2012

Classical guitarist Milos Karadaglic honed his skills amid civil war


While the Bosnian War and Croatian War raged all around his homeland in the early 1990s, Montenegro-born classical guitarist Milos Karadaglic learnt and mastered his instrument.

"The war was all around, there were many problems and it was hard but the lucky thing was, in Montenegro, the hot war was not happening, the hot war was outside," says Karadaglic, 29, in a telephone interview from London.

"Our country was isolated and very, very poor but my family and I had one another. And it was at this time that I discovered music. Learning the classical guitar (at a music school) and performing around the country, and doing all those things was very important for my development. I think it resulted in my childhood being something extremely beautiful and exciting."

The multi-award winning musician is now a globetrotting guitarist who picked up the Breakthrough Artist Of The Year accolade at the Classic Brit Awards 2012.