The Straits Times
Published on Dec 26, 2012

Infernal Affairs' co-director heads back to the past in The Guillotines


New movie The Guillotines is more than just an homage to Hong Kong wuxia flicks of old.

The film, which reinvents the legendary Chinese weapon of the flying guillotine that is prominently showcased in 1970s Shaw Brothers' films such as The Flying Guillotine (1975) and Vengeful Beauty (1978), is also about the sense of loyalty and brotherhood between the pugilists.

The new movie, which opens in cinemas here tomorrow, focuses on a group of mysterious young soldiers during the Qing dynasty known as The Guillotines, who work with the fearsome weapon that decapitates its victims effortlessly. It stars Taiwan's Ethan Juan, Hong Kong's Shawn Yue, and China's Huang Xiaoming, Li Yuchun and Jing Boran.

Speaking to Life! at Sky100 in Hong Kong, director Andrew Lau says in Cantonese: "I grew up watching the Shaw Brothers movies and I really love them because I think they represent a most fruitful era in Hong Kong cinema.