The Straits Times
Published on Dec 24, 2012

Outgoing PM Monti's agenda: 'Change Italy and reform Europe'


ROME (AFP) - Outgoing Prime Minister Mario Monti's unorthodox bid to stay in power after the February elections is based on an economic programme entitled "Change Italy and reform Europe".

Here are some key points from the 25-page agenda, which aims to further reforms begun during Mr Monti's 13 months as head of a technocrat government.

EUROPE: The cornerstone issue of the programme, the aim is to continue with the road-map already in place, both in terms of growth and the reinforcement of instruments to stabilise the sovereign bond market. The objective: "A more integrated and united Europe, against growing popularism."

LABOUR: Modernisation and simplification of the labour market, tackling short-term contracts and high unemployment figures particularly among the young, with incentives in particular for the under 30s.