The Straits Times
Published on Dec 23, 2012

Like Taylor Swift, Yen-j writes his relationships into his songs


Taiwanese singer-songwriter Yen-j was hoping to surprise his second girlfriend with a new album dedicated to her but unfortunately, the "less-than-six-months-long" relationship ended before the disc was released.

His first album, Thanks, Your Greatness (2010), was about his first relationship. His latest and third release, Simple Love, is about his second.

Given the two relationships are all the 24-year-old has had and he has written about both, his future girlfriends - like kiss-and-tell American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift's boyfriends - have good reason to be wary about being written into songs.

Speaking at Copthorne King's Hotel recently (Dec11), the dapper young man says: "When I'm writing songs, I have sometimes wondered whether I am revealing too much. I don't mind sharing about my own life but if it involves someone else, then the most I will share is the song itself."