The Straits Times
Published on Dec 21, 2012

Jackie Chan: From action hero to romantic lead?


At 58, Hong Kong superstar Jackie Chan is ready to quit the death-defying action stunts.

In town recently to promote CZ12, which he proclaims to be his "last big action film", he says: "I've hurt myself many times before, but I'm too old to take these injuries now. I'm tired."

Despite his decision to step away from "big action films", where he does daredevil stunts for almost the entire film, that is not stopping him from acting or even doing action stunts completely.

"I really love acting and I love movies, so I cannot just stop completely. I hope to do more dramas that have maybe just a little bit of action - movies like The Karate Kid (2010). But definitely not the full-on action stuff from beginning to end anymore.