The Straits Times
Published on Dec 21, 2012

Texas mogul to usher in end of times with elaborate bash


AUSTIN, Texas (REUTERS) - Video game mogul Richard Garriott de Cayeux believes in science - and a great party.

While he may not buy predictions for the end of the world today, the man known for grandiose parties is planning his most elaborate soiree ever - just in case.

Two years in the planning, the party will take guests through games, challenges and performances by hedonists, evangelists, UFO watchers and transcendentalists, all set up in camps along mythical ley lines, or earthly energy fields, which they say crisscross the Garriott de Cayeux property in Austin.

Guests will be asked to think throughout the evening about what they would have done differently in their lives if the world did actually end, and whether, if they got a do-over, they could commit to living a passionate life without regret.