The Straits Times
Published on Dec 21, 2012

Mindef's compensation, care for injured servicemen


WE THANK Mr Tan Teck Leng ("Consider funding NSmen's group insurance as well"; Forum Online, last Saturday) and Mr Chang Jian Feng ("Injured serviceman: What's the rehabilitation plan?"; Monday) for their letters.

The Ministry of Defence (Mindef) is thankful for and shares their concern over the care and rehabilitation of injured servicemen.

We are closely monitoring the progress of Military Expert 2 Jason Chee, who continues to be in the intensive care unit.

We would like to reassure the public that Mindef will pay for all medical expenses incurred at any government/restructured hospital or clinic as a result of the injury.

This includes the costs of medical supplies and equipment, counselling and psychiatric care where needed and for as long as necessary for full recovery.

Injured serviceman will also receive a lump sum compensation for any permanent disability.

The quantum for compensation is higher than (or similar to) that adopted by the Work Injury Compensation Act.

In addition, servicemen with a total permanent disability and/or those whose families have financial difficulties will receive assistance from the Singapore Armed Forces Benevolent Grant.

Where feasible, Mindef will redeploy the servicemen back into occupation, working with other relevant agencies to provide rehabilitative care and employment services where needed.

This financial compensation and social assistance are provided to all injured servicemen, regardless of whether they have purchased any additional cover under the optional Singapore Armed Forces Group Term Life insurance scheme.

Tan Kok Yam

Director Manpower

Ministry of Defence