The Straits Times
Published on Dec 20, 2012

Full-time MP policy overdue


I HAVE often wondered how MPs could juggle full-time jobs and serve their constituents properly ("Time for full-time MPs" by Mr Goh Kian Huat; last Thursday, and "Part-time MPs: It's about time management" by Mr Jeffrey Law; last Friday).

Factor in personal time for family and it is hard to imagine how part-time service as an MP can adequately address the needs of constituents. This is especially so in demanding wards covering estates like mine in Chin Swee Road. I have lived in this estate for more than 40 years and have seen my fair share of senior citizens living alone in poorly kept rental flats. Dying alone is not uncommon in my estate.

Ideally, elected MPs should dedicate themselves full time to their residents because navigating the bureaucracy can be difficult for the uninitiated or the less educated. MPs should not rely too much on Meet-The-People Sessions.

Priscilla Poh (Ms)