The Straits Times
Published on Dec 19, 2012

Lined up from 1.30am, but oh, the queue-cutting


MY SON and I joined the ticket-buying queue outside Jalan Besar Stadium at 1.30am on Sunday, more than eight hours before the booth opened to sell tickets to tonight's first-leg final of the Asean Football Federation Suzuki Cup.

Some 200 buyers were in front of us. We calculated that we would still be able to get tickets, even if all of them bought the maximum allocation of four tickets each, as 7,000 tickets were reportedly set aside for Singapore fans.

We also calculated that we should be able to buy our tickets in half an hour when the booth opened at 10am. That was not to be. When our turn finally came 21/2 hours later, only the dearer grandstand tickets remained.

After we bought our tickets, we sought an explanation from a Football Association of Singapore (FAS) official. He apologised and explained that there were crowd control difficulties - many had cut the queue at an unbarricaded area outside the FAS' jurisdiction.

How many fans braved the rain and queued through the night only to lose their tickets to these queue-cutters? The FAS should do more to prevent queue-cutting.

Andrew James Ong