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Published on Dec 19, 2012



Right way of transporting a bicycle

BICYCLES can be transported at the rear of a car, as long as the bicycle rack is installed and secured in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendation ("Booked, but officer couldn't say what's the right way to transport bike" by Ms Ng Hwee Ling; Dec 11 and "Apply tow truck-style tweak to bike-ferrying, wedding cars" by Mr Tony Lee; last Thursday).

It must not block the rear view of the driver, the vehicle number plate or the vehicle lighting systems. The bicycle should also not protrude beyond the body or wheels of the car.

If the vehicle number plate is blocked by the bicycle or other fittings such as wedding decorations, motorists need to hang an additional number plate at the rear of the car.

For safety, the bicycle rack should be removed from the car when not in use.

Helen Lim (Ms)

Director, Media Relations & Public Education

Land Transport Authority

Cyclists should dismount at crossings: Police

WE THANK Mr Lucas Lee ("Dismounting at crossings rule too strict"; Forum Online, Dec 11) and Mr Rajasegaran Ramasamy ("Cyclists must use pavements safely"; Monday) for their feedback.

For their own safety and that of others, cyclists should dismount and push their bicycles on foot when crossing the pedestrian crossing. They should also practise their kerb drill of looking right, left and right, as if they are pedestrians, before crossing the road.

Cyclists, pedestrians and motorists are all road users. We have an obligation to one another to keep our roads safe.

A little effort, patience and courtesy on the road will make our journey safer and more pleasant.

Ho Yenn Dar (Superintendent)

Assistant Director, Media Relations

Public Affairs Department

Singapore Police Force