The Straits Times
Published on Dec 18, 2012

Man who threw pet dogs down 3 floors from HDB flat fined $5K


A man who threw his two family dogs three floors down an HDB block was fined $5,000 today.

General worker Krishnasamy Kaliyappan, 44, was drinking beer in his room at Block 188 Boon Lay Drive on Sept 17 last year when the two Maltese dogs started to bark furiously at a fastfood deliveryman.

Frustrated, he took the male dog, Brownie, to the corridor and threw it down to the ground floor. When he returned to his room, he picked up the female Maltese, Kiki Moi, and hurled it from his bedroom window.

His daughter-in-law ran down to the ground floor and picked up the two dogs, which survived.