The Straits Times
Published on Dec 18, 2012

White House 'no specific agenda' yet on gun violence


WASHINGTON (AFP) - The White House said on Monday it so far has "no specific agenda" to announce on preventing shooting massacres, as a clamour grew among Democrats and in the media for action on tighter gun controls.

President Barack Obama promised victims' families at a vigil Sunday for 26 people including schoolchildren killed in Connecticut on Friday that he would use the power of his office to try to end a rash of mass killings.

But the White House said it had yet to frame an approach, adding that Mr Obama would engage Americans in the "coming weeks" on the way forward, as America tries to process the horror and shock of the Newtown shootings.

"I don't have a series of proposals to present to you," White House spokesman Jay Carney said, when pressed by reporters to explain what The President had meant during his tender eulogy for the slain children.