The Straits Times
Published on Dec 17, 2012

Local dance group Ecnad to close next year after 17 years


Contemporary dance group Ecnad, one of the oldest here, will be winding up next year, after 17 years.

Its co-founder and artistic director Lim Chin Huat, 43, has been scaling back operations for the past few years to prepare for the transition.

He tells Life!: "Initially, it was a painful decision. It's kind of like my baby. So now, it's like I have to kill this baby. But I think if I don't let go, things might not move on.

"I have to move with the times. In the past three years, it's been difficult because I do feel that I've been doing the same old thing, even if it's different projects and trying out different collaborations. Somehow I feel that it's not possible to transform Ecnad again."