The Straits Times
Published on Dec 17, 2012

My Point


Consider the price of excellence too

AT THE risk of sounding like a killjoy, ("S'pore pupils top tests, score higher in reasoning"; last Wednesday), let us pause and ask how this was achieved.

Was it achieved through spending thousands of dollars on tuition, and having few extra-curricular pursuits or little family bonding time that form a good part of our growing-up years?

And are there tests that measure improvements in our children's emotional intelligence, empathy for the less fortunate, personal and societal values and life skills?

As a parent, I see emotional intelligence as a top priority.

Choong Fong Ling (Madam)


Cyclists must use pavements safely

I DISAGREE with the view that the rule requiring cyclists to dismount at traffic crossings should be relaxed ("Dismounting at crossings rule too strict" by Mr Lucas Lee; Forum Online, last Tuesday).

Many cyclists ride on footpaths parallel to the main road, which I feel is safer. But if the cyclists are using pedestrian walkways, they must dismount when there are pedestrians.

While enforcement should be used, the most important tool is education.

Rajasegaran Ramasamy


Singapore must continue to innovate

WITH such a large foreign labour population ("'Limits' to attracting S'poreans to key services"; last Monday), it is inevitable that we pay a steep price through higher wages or having to deal with social stress.

The solution is the same for all affluent societies - innovate by achieving higher efficiencies and reduce the dependence on labour.

Importing cheap labour can only be a limited and temporary solution.

Kan Kin Mun