The Straits Times
Published on Dec 17, 2012

Council on sale of naming rights to Sports Hub facilities


THE Sports Hub consists of multiple facilities, including the new National Stadium, Singapore Indoor Stadium, aquatic centre, water sports centre, multi-purpose halls and a shopping mall ("Sports Hub: Don't sell names of national icons" by Mr Soon Sze Meng; Nov 30).

It is under a 25-year public-private-partnership (PPP), where a commercial operator undertakes to fund, build and operate the entire project in return for a pre-agreed payment and a share of the overall revenue.

Part of the revenue from the operation of the Sports Hub, which would include revenue from the sale of naming rights, may be used to finance future enhancements to the facilities, better events and shows, as well as to fund community events and support the development of our athletes.

While we hope to leverage on private sector expertise through the PPP, we are also mindful of the broader concerns and considerations highlighted by Mr Soon.

This is why under the Sports Hub contract, the operator can sell only the naming rights to individual facilities within the Sports Hub, and is not allowed to commercialise the name of the National Stadium.

In this way, we strike a balance in preserving the overall character of our national icons, while still deriving benefits from naming rights to facilities within the Sports Hub.

Any sale of naming rights of the individual facilities within the Sports Hub is subject to the Singapore Sports Council agreeing to the deal.

Alvin Hang


Corporate Communications and Relations

Singapore Sports Council