The Straits Times
Published on Dec 17, 2012

No smooth ride for bus passengers


TODAY'S buses are vastly improved compared to the older ones, particularly in the way the air-conditioning is smoothly diffused.

But there are still many ways in which passengers are inconvenienced.

- The floor of the bus is not flat. It is "undulating" or has steps at the rear of the bus. It is difficult to stand and balance on a curved surface.

- It is also dangerous for commuters to stand near a step as there is a risk of an ankle injury or a fall if the bus makes a sudden stop.

- Seated passengers have to suffer discomfort. Some seats have humps or protrusions that push against one's calf muscles.

- The seats with passengers facing each other do not have enough leg room for four people.

- Signs placed high up in the bus to alert passengers about steps are distracting. How does one watch one's step when the sign draws the attention of the reader away from the perceived hazard?

- Finally, the size of bus seats seems to be built for lanky teenagers than the majority of passengers.

It seems like buses are to be endured, whether one is seated or standing, the air-conditioning notwithstanding.

Chen Sen Lenn