The Straits Times
Published on Dec 16, 2012

South Korea's far-left presidential candidate Lee Jung Hee quits


SEOUL (AFP) - The presidential candidate from South Korea's far-left party quit on Sunday in an attempt to unify left-leaning voters against the conservative front-runner in an increasingly tight race.

Ms Lee Jung Hee from the United Progressive Party bowed out three days before the Dec 19 poll in what she called a move to prevent the ruling conservative party candidate from winning.

"I quit today to help liberal, progressive political parties join forces together and fulfil the goal of administrative change," Mr Lee told reporters.

Ms Lee - supported by only about one per cent of voters according to opinion polls - was a distant third in the race behind Ms Park Geun Hye from the New Frontier Party (NFP) and Mr Moon Jae In from the left-leaning main opposition Democratic United Party.