The Straits Times
Published on Dec 15, 2012

Permission granted before prank goes on air: Singapore radio stations


DJs and listeners here are giving pause about on-air prank calls, after the suicide of a British nurse who took a hoax royal call by an Australian radio station.

DJs from HOT FM91.3's The Married Men says they would not touch on subjects such as race, religion and disease when it comes to prank calls.

They asked listeners this week if they should continue with their popular Kena Pluck programme. The show prank calls listeners at the request of their friends and family. As a result, the station received email, messages and calls telling them to continue with the programme.

Even those who have been at the receiving end of these calls - footballer Aleksandar Duric and Singapore idol finalist Joakim Gomez - say they are in favour of the light-hearted humour.