The Straits Times
Published on Dec 15, 2012

Consider funding NSmen's group insurance as well


IT WAS heartbreaking to read about the accident involving Republic of Singapore Navy serviceman Jason Chee, who lost both his legs and his left hand following an accident on board the Landing Ship Tank RSS Endeavour ("Faulty equipment a 'possible cause' of RSN accident"; Wednesday).

It is especially poignant, given his young age and the fact that he lost his limbs in the service of his country.

I understand that the Ministry of Defence provides compensation to servicemen to cover any death or injury that is due to service. On top of that, any group insurance that is purchased is at the discretion of the individual serviceman.

Should Mindef not consider full funding of insurance for its servicemen, instead of leaving the purchase of the group insurance to their discretion?

This would give peace of mind to these servicemen that they and their families are protected financially should any accident occur.

Tan Teck Leng