The Straits Times
Published on Dec 15, 2012

Use part of levy for maid training


I BELIEVE Dr Anne Chong ("Levy revenue: Use it for maid provident fund"; Thursday) made a good suggestion. However, I would like to modify it.

Part of the maid levy money should still collected by the Government, but this must be used as a fund to set up proper maid training and evaluation before they even come to Singapore.

The rest of the levy can be managed by the Central Provident Fund board, as suggested by Dr Chong.

We need to have incentives to keep good maids working in Singapore. Maids should be eligible for the CPF fund only after working for four years. This will ensure she works here for at least two terms. Hopefully, after two terms, she will decide to stay longer.

If maid income continues to be lower than in Hong Kong and Taiwan, Singapore will become a training ground for maids and we will suffer from a lack of productivity and good family care programmes, especially for our elders.

Alick Chia