The Straits Times
Published on Dec 14, 2012

Murder charge against two brothers reduced to causing hurt


THEY were initially charged with murdering Mr Rathkershahan Ananthan, but on Friday, they pleaded guilty to causing hurt to the 51-year-old work coordinator and were each sentenced to six months in jail.

Family members of Dinesh Kumar Ruvy, 22, and Vikneswaran, 24, who were in court, were ecstatic. Their sister Srivickneshwari Ruvy, 25, said: "I only found out that the murder charge had been reduced in court this morning. My parents are so happy that my brothers no longer face the gallows."

The prosecutor said that Dinesh and Vikneswaran had gone to Mr Rathkershahan's flat in Commonwealth Drive at about 1am on Aug 18 this year to celebrate a friend's birthday. At about 3am, Vikneswaran asked if Mr Rathkershahan would like to date him. He then apologised, saying he was drunk.

The older man, who is believed to be gay, replied in Tamil that when Vikneswaran is drunk, he would not be able to differentiate between his mother and his wife. This suggested that Vikneswaran was capable of sleeping with his mother when drunk.