The Straits Times
Published on Dec 13, 2012

TV shopping queen recalls tearful shoe-down in store


Even shopping-savvy fashionistas suffer humiliation by brusque sales staff.

Brix Smith-Start, host of a new American TV reality show about shopping, certainly knows, having been reduced to tears once in a Prada store while attempting to return new shoes to a less-than-helpful sales assistant.

Over the telephone from London, where she has been living for 30 years, she recalls: "The sales women took the shoes, and she goes, 'Madam you have worn these shoes. I'm sorry, but we're not taking them back'. And she was so rude, she made me feel so bad to be in the store, and that I wasn't worthy of being in the store - then I started crying in the store."

Her husband, designer and retailer Philip Start, later "rescued" her over the phone, and she was sent to another store in London with better service. Smith-Start, 50, declares she never returned to that first store again.