The Straits Times
Published on Dec 13, 2012

Apply tow truck-style tweak to bike-ferrying, wedding cars


TO MAKE it easier for drivers to comply with the rule on not obstructing their car licence plates ("Booked, but officer couldn't say what's the right way to transport bike" by Ms Ng Hwee Ling; Tuesday), the Land Transport Authority (LTA) should require an additional licence plate to be hung on a bicycle that is being transported on the back of a car.

Such an arrangement is similar to the one used by truck drivers in transporting vehicles that have broken down.

Similarly, container trucks ferrying large vehicles like prime movers also carry additional rear registration plates for visibility.

Cars ferrying bicycles are not the only vehicles that run afoul of the registration plate ruling.

Decorations, such as ribbons, on wedding cars also often obstruct the rear registration plates too.

Therefore, in fairness, the LTA and the Traffic Police should implement a standard policy that can be applied to all vehicles, and for all occasions.

Tony Lee