The Straits Times
Published on Dec 12, 2012

Hundreds of monks rally across Myanmar over mine crackdown


YANGON (AFP) - Hundreds of monks staged demonstrations across Myanmar on Wednesday demanding further apologies for injuries sustained in a police crackdown on a protest at a Chinese-backed copper mine last month.

Around 500 maroon-robed monks walked through the streets of Yangon reciting Buddhist verses, according to a witness at the scene, in the latest display of public discontent over the incident at the mine in Monywa, northern Myanmar.

Hundreds more marched in the country's second-biggest city Mandalay and in Monywa, local witnesses said, asking the government to apologise to dozens of monks who suffered injuries, including severe burns, in the pre-dawn raid on protest camps at the mine in November.

"We want them to apologise to the monks who were burnt during the crackdown at the Latpadaung mountain copper mine," Thuzana, a protest leader who gave only one name, said.