The Straits Times
Published on Dec 12, 2012

Senior volunteers welcome here...


WHILE seniors like Madam Tai Lung Keow face non-empathetic young co-volunteers and ungracious organisations when volunteering ("Regard seniors more positively"; Monday), I have been having difficulty trying to recruit senior volunteers to help my group with community ambassadorial and mediation work for pet-related disputes. I also have difficulty trying to get senior volunteer groups to reply to my requests for volunteer interest.

If Madam Tai and other ambulant, educated and extroverted people 45 years and older are seeking fulfilling volunteer work in the community, we are ready to receive and train them for the roles that we feel will honour them. We especially welcome those who do not mind being around dogs to e-mail us at

Eunice Amanda Wilbertine Nah (Ms)

Chief Advocate (Volunteer)

Animal Welfare Global

Agency for Animal Welfare