The Straits Times
Published on Dec 11, 2012

Nearly half considered divorcing their spouse, survey shows


Nearly half the respondents in a marriage survey have considered divorcing their spouse at some point.

But despite stress factors such as extramarital affairs and problems with in-laws, some couples hold on due to a sense of commitment to marriage, the influence of family, friends and religious advisors; and as they worry that their children may be negatively affected in a divorce.

The research study, commissioned by Marriage Central and headed by Dr Mathew Mathews of the Institute of Policy Studies, surveyed over 500 married individuals and marriage counsellors to find out what keeps marriages resilient.

Some recommendations include introducing training programmes for marriage "first-aiders" - family and friends whom couples turn to in troubled times. Another suggestion is to have counselling centres provide more information on counsellors' marriage values and how they work with couples on their websites, so that couples may make a more informed decision.