The Straits Times
Published on Dec 11, 2012

Booked, but officer couldn't say what's the right way to transport bike


RECENTLY, my husband was booked by a Traffic Police officer because the bicycle mounted at the back of his car had obscured the plate bearing the car's registration number.

Puzzled, because he had done so after his cycling trips for as long as he can remember without being booked, he sought the officer's advice about how he should mount his bicycle onto the car without falling afoul of the law.

The officer replied that he did not know, which baffled my husband even more. If a police officer does not know the right way of mounting a bicycle, should he expect a civilian to know?

Given the officer's reply, the fact that it was a first offence and the fact that the Land Transport Authority (LTA) website did not offer instructions on the legal way of transporting a bicycle, we appealed against the compound fine twice, rationalising that a warning was a fairer sanction.

Our appeals were rejected.

There are many cyclists who use the same rack as we do to mount their bicycles onto their cars.

The LTA should educate cyclists and explain the proper way of transporting a bicycle by car. I do not wish my cyclist friends to suffer the same fate my husband did.

Ng Hwee Ling (Ms)