The Straits Times
Published on Dec 11, 2012

Passenger's trail of paper promises


MY WIFE and I booked a Tiger Airways flight to Macau in August this year for a brief holiday getaway. At the check-in counter, we were told that the flight was over-booked, and had to join about 10 other passengers to wait for the next available flight to Hong Kong.

Tiger Airways' staff assured us that the airline's ground crew would arrange for the transfer to Macau, and we were promised travel vouchers within a week as compensation.

The flight to Hong Kong was delayed by more than two hours and when we arrived there, the ground crew told us to find our own way to Macau and to obtain a reimbursement directly from Tiger Airways. It took us 14 hours in all to reach Macau from Singapore.

But I was wrong in thinking that the nightmare was over.

A month passed and no compensation voucher or reimbursement arrived.

After I lodged my complaint through the Tiger Airways portal, I received the travel vouchers but was told to log in a new case to get the reimbursement for the transfer from Hong Kong to Macau. I did so, but received no reply. When I sought reimbursement a third time, I received a rejection, and a fourth try went unanswered.

To aggravate matters, there was no way to directly contact anyone in Tiger Airways to resolve this matter as their e-mail replies were always sent using an automated system with different names or none at all.

Chong Zhi Cheng